So this is it.

Jojas here for one, final post.

Hey, it’s me. I quit about two weeks ago, and so is everyone else. This is goodbye. We had good memories, bad memories, and even more bad memories, but this period of our lives will be remembered and cherished throughout all of us.

You probably remember me as some piece of shit jokester that was probably mentally retarded and/or had some kind of disease or mental disability. Well no, but  I do have something called club feet, where both feet turn inwards. I have had 5 surgeries to attempt to get this fixed, but all to no prevail. The next one is expected to be preformed when I’m around 22. I’ve never been bullied, in fact, you could call me one of the “cool” kids at school. But not a basic bitch haha. But away from my life and the sad stuff (except the army sad stuff so no escape).

As I write this, all of the memories are coming back to me.

Now that I think about it, the drama stands out most. You don’t remember the dull times, you remember when something major happens, like a hack or shit news sites. The bad times were the most exhilarating too. More cool shit happened. hen everything was perfect, it was boring and a lot of people just left armies. When the last hours of Club Penguin were upon us, everyone returned.

??? This was from a post called “Brushing off my suit” by Slider back in 2013. I was 10x retarded when I was 11.

I joined the ACP back in 2011, because, ya know, “Army of Club Penguin”. This was back in the days when Purple Slime and all of em’ were leading. My name was “ghostman” or Mr. Ghostman, but it’s just a blur. I was the same kid, even at fuckin’ age 9. Like what the hell? Who the shit raised this faggot? While I was in ACP, I joined the water vikings, created my own army with my friend Sonic (nobody you probably know).

Also, apparently I was good friends with slider. He replied to all of my comments and I just got a vibe of it. So that’s nice. I do remember purple slime as a friend though, good times. Good times..

In the past, armies didn’t have a care in the world about what platform to use or what would happen when CP shut down, because we didn’t know what was about to come, in the next 4 years. You never expect something people put their time and love into would just disappear in an instant. Your good friends, hangouts, all gone because of ten 80 year old men deciding what young children/teens want.

This is it.

Goodbye everyone, I will miss all of you. All of you, even Bret somehow.

To contact me: I deleted kik because I still have a shitty iPhone 5c until June. I’ll be on chat for some weeks now until I get bored or move on.

Even if you never hear from me again, I will never abandon you in my memory. These 6 years will stay with me until the day I die.

Signing off for one final time


~₮ⱧɆ ₦Ɇ₩ JØJ₳₴3
“One sad piece of shit”



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